Short lived again. RIP.

Change of Engine

So instead of trying to learn Unity for now. i decided to go with Unreal Engine 4.

We'll see how I progress. thanks.

Small Hitch

Laptop is borked. But it won't stop me from the 1 week Unity Challenge!!

Week 1 - Do i have an idea?

Today starts week 1 of learning Unity.  My goal was to come up with an idea and be able to create a game from it before the start of the next week. What idea(s) have I come up with since? Nothing. So I'll just go ahead and learn to move a ball on platform (static and moving). That's my goal for this week!

What should week 1 theme in Unity be?

Is there not a way to poll suggestions or anything? heh. i'll just use Google form. I mean why not.

Submit your suggestions here -

Thanks for anyone that just randomly stops by ;D

A game a week

Starting next week I'll create something simple in Unity. just to familiarize myself with the program. and do one a week!

ah. Exciting times to come...!