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What should week 1 theme in Unity be?

Is there not a way to poll suggestions or anything? heh. i'll just use Google form. I mean why not.

Submit your suggestions here -

Thanks for anyone that just randomly stops by ;D

A game a week

Starting next week I'll create something simple in Unity. just to familiarize myself with the program. and do one a week!

ah. Exciting times to come...!

Unity is a go go and other things

Got Unity installed along with other programs such as visual studio 2015 and Krita (Photoshop alternative) and fl studio for the audio.

Got a lot of learning to do but that's good right? Got a day job that i must tend to so that comes first. Hopefully i move at a good pace and not spend 1 year doing nothing ;P

That's it for now

First Post

Let's get this started. This is my first post. So don't expect much. I'll TRY  to post.