Does your mind flow freely when youre laying in bed? Ramble #2

    That's my predicament. The moment I lay down in bed is when I get the feeling I can think more clearly.  I get more ideas there than if I'm on the computer. I guess that's part of the distraction because "focus mode" on these apps does nothing for me. Maybe if I break the ethernet port I'll have an easier time and not worry about all the distractions.

   I think my first post I mentioned I was in the process of putting together a screenplay.  I've been filling my head with videos online about screenplays, the formats, the idea behind what makes a good screenplay, etc. The one thing I haven't really delved into yet is the dialogue. Personally, everyone would just sound very posh or generic to the point where are they just one person? Does creating dialogue in the beginning worth it? Does it set the tone of the screenplay or does setting matter? Maybe its every part of the screenplay matters and its each part adds to a bigger part that makes it an important piece of the building process.

    Anyways, so I like the genre thriller. Maybe its the wrong genre but as a visual type of person that has a mind filled with ideas I want to be able to take what I have stored in my head and put it on paper and try to show others what's going on inside without any limitation. By limitation I mean, without hesitating if an idea may be too simple or if its too weird. Just having it out there means I can break free from any issues I have when it comes to writing and worrying about what others might think. Because lets be honest, I'm jumping into a field I have no clue about. But I'll make it work. and plus, the world is a big place, the internet is bigger and how much support there is these days I shouldn't worry right?

That's all for now. I don't want to ramble on too much.


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