Rabble Ramble


    I told myself that I should write more. I spent most of the last couple of years dormant, at least when it comes to actually using any part of my brain due to work (it doesn't require that much brain power tbh). I want to be able to just talk about random stuff. Not so much a journal or a blog of that sort. But I'm just trying to say anything on my mind without any sort of structure to it unless I say otherwise. On the structural side of things, I want to write a screenplay. I don't know why I just decided that but I find it an interesting thing to go into. I tried writing a story but then I realized how much details it takes to explain anything. When it comes to specific details, I have trouble putting that into words. Also, I'm not that really great when it comes to English. My tenses would change over time as I write because my brain says one thing but what I type is another. Its a little hard to keep up sometimes. I can picture things in my head. I lay it out there. If i can just say one or two words without having to say much that would be great. Anyways, I don't want to ramble on to much. Just trying to get some mental exercises going before I go crazy.


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